status: CLOSED
slots: (0/3)
last updated: 11/25


head - 7 USD
outfits - 12 USD
full skins - 15 USD

for excessive florals - +2 USD


Prices are in USD and will be paid through PayPal or Venmo
(whichever is more convenient).

♆ The skin file will only be given once the payment's been complete.

♆ You cannot claim the skin as your own work. If you have used parts of it and posted it somewhere else, please provide credit.
(Additionally, if you wish to re-shade it to accommodate your style, you may.)


୧ Please provide as much references as you can.

୧ I do not do creatures/constructs/modern skins.

୧ Skins may take longer depending on the difficulty.

୧ I have the right to decline a request.

୧ I do not accept time sensitive skins.

## ☏ If you have any questions or concerns - venclair#6304